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Tarek Ali Hassan
Personal Information
Date of Birth:19th October 1937, Cairo
Dr. Tarek Ali Hassan
Marital Status:Married February,1968
Egypt Address:16 Zenab Kamel Hassan Street, Dokki, 12311, Cairo, Egypt
UK Address:6 Stanton Road, London, SW 13 OEX Permanent medical registration,e-mail
M.B.B.CH. (Hons), Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University,December 1959
M.R.C.P., Endocrinology (Edinburgh), October 1964
M.R.C.P. (London), June 1965
L.M.S.S.A. (London), November 1967
F.R.C.P. (Edinburgh), July 1978
Memberships of Cultural and online Scientific Bodies
Founding Member of the PNP ;"People Not Psychiatry" Society in parallel with the R.D.Laing movement.
Egyptian Culture and Science Society
Association of Egyptian Writers and Artists
Founding Member, Egyptian Society for Group Training and the subdivisions of Holistic Health, Culture and psychodrama
International Advisory Council, Music Education for the Handicapped
Musician's Union
International Organisation for author's rights SACEM (Paris)
Afro-Asian Writer's Association
The New Civic Forum
Founding Member the Friends of the Opera Society
Founding member the Social Care Foundation for the Employees of the National Culture Center Cairo Opera
British Medical Association since 1968 (Fully registered medical practitioner UK since 1968)
Egyptian Medical Association
Association of Clinical Biochemistry
British Holistic Medical Association